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Fundamentals of Cosmology

The Beginnings of Cosmology
The Ancient Universe
The Modern Universe
->Cosmic Conundrums: Cosmology

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
->Movie: Travelling Photons
->Down the Rabbit Hole: At the Speed of Light
->Classroom Cosmology: The Speed of Light
Apparent Magnitude
->Sidequest: Absolute and Apparent Magnitude
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Luminosity versus Observed Brightness
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Standard Candles
->Cosmic Conundrums: Light

Blackbody Radiation
->Movie: Temperature
Matter and Atoms
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Electric Charge
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Quantum Mechanics
->Cosmic Conundrums: Matter

The Main Attraction
Gravity Across Distance and Mass

->Down the Rabbit Hole: Mass and Weight
->Cosmic Conundrums: Gravity

The Model of the Universe
Early Models of the Universe
->Down the Rabbit Hole: General Relativity
->Movie: General Relativity
The Cosmological Principle
->Sidequest: Hubble's Law
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Expansion
->Down the Rabbit Hole: The Steady State Theory
->Cosmic Conundrums: Model of the Universe

Evidence for the Big Bang

The Expanding Universe
The Apparent Movement of Galaxies
->Classroom Cosmology: Rubber Bands to Big Bangs
->Classroom Cosmology: Accelerating Expansion
->Down the Rabbit Hole: We Are Not the Center
Our View of the Universe
->Cosmic Conundrums: The Expanding Universe

Cosmic Microwave Background
Accidental Discovery
->Classroom Cosmology: Color the CMB
Origins of the CMB
->Movie: The Last Scattering
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Acoustic Oscillations
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Imaging the CMB
->Classroom Cosmology: Understanding the CMB
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Black Body Radiation
->Cosmic Conundrums: Cosmic Microwave Background

Elemental Abundancies
Composition of the Universe
->Down the Rabbit Hole: The Periodic Table
->Cosmic Conundrums: Elemental Abundancies

Evolution of Stars and Galaxies
Evolution of Stars and Galaxies
->Movie: Galaxial Collisions
->Cosmic Conundrums: Stellar Evolution

Consequences of the Big Bang
Age of the Universe
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Determining the Age of the Universe
The Visible Universe
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Olbers' Paradox
->Movie: Velocity versus Acceleration
->Cosmic Conundrums: The Visible Universe

Eras of the Cosmos

Era 1: Inflation
The Planck Epoch
Consequences of Inflation

->Down the Rabbit Hole: The Horizon Problem
->Down the Rabbit Hole: The Flatness Problem
->Movie: Structure Formation
->Cosmic Conundrums: Era 1

Era 2: Quarks to Nucleons to Nuclei
Energy and Matter
Fundamental Partiicles
Formation of Nucleons and Nuclei

->Cosmic Conundrums: Era 2

Era 3: Atoms to Stars to Galaxies
Formation of Atoms and Stars
Formation of Galaxies

->Cosmic Conundrums: Era 3

Era 4: Today's Accelerating Universe
The Universe Today
->Classroom Cosmology: Toilet Paper Cosmology
->Down the Rabbit Hole: The Cosmic Calendar
->Classroom Cosmology: The Cosmic Calendar
Expansion: Chunk by Chunk
The Fate of the Universe

->Classroom Cosmology: Expansion and Statistical Correlation
->Cosmic Conundrums: Era 4

The Final Frontier

Dark Matter
What is Dark Matter?
Bizarre Rotational Velocities

->Sidequest: Rotational Velocity of the Solar System
Motion of Galaxies and Gravitational Lensing
Geometry of the Universe
The Search for Dark Matter

->Cosmic Conundrums: Dark Matter

Dark Energy
What is Dark Energy?
->Cosmic Conundrums: Dark Energy

String Theory
The Quest for Grand Unification
Modern Theories of the Universe

->Cosmic Conundrums: String Theory

Current Research
Current Research
->Down the Rabbit Hole: Telescopes
The End